Certified Minority Supplier

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Terry 107, Buena Vista    Del Rio, Texas 78840

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Certified Minority Supplier

PCL Packaging Industries started in 2007  in Acuna, Mexico  as a local company PRODISA  was introduced in the packaging markets, dedicated to manufacturing  and distribution of packaging  products.

Our commitment is to keep growing your business, increasing your profit value  on packaging costs,  offering  new options for your packaging  needs.






Saving Projects ($)

PCL offers also:

ü Savings on freight, no cost  on daily deliveries.

ü    Personalized customer service to each customer.

ü    As we are a local source your lead times will be short. 

ü 1 hour lead time delivery  for  new products requested.

ü Different options for your packaging material consumptions.

ü Technical service on your cardboard  materials to make sure you

      use less packaging.

ü You can maintain your packaging inventories at a minimum levels

      and maximize your warehouse space.




Our Products

We manufacture corrugated packaging in a wide variety of designs and sizes, especially designed to protect and transport the products safely. Each of our boxes is consistent with the characteristics of the product to be packed,  the customer provide their product requirement and we will offer  the best option and quality.





Our Products and Services are not limited by the size of your orders.

We have the infrastructure to provide our Products and Services in a large scale.



Manufacturing Capacity

Our high production capacity up to 50,000 boxes per day allowed us to cover the demands and supply all of our customer requirements. 



Address and Location (Map)

Terry 107, Buena Vista    Del Rio, Texas 78840


Phone: (877)772-9492          (877)888-1086


From USA 011 + 52 (877)772-9492  

                     011 + 52 (877)888-1086

Email:  contact@pclindustries.com


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